Welcome to Native Opportunities! The purpose of this site is to help Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students be aware of the opportunities for higher education and professional development that are available. We found ourselves frequently informing other students about the opportunities that are available and decided that a centralized site would be the best reference to offer.  These opportunities are attainable and you can get them.

Take the opportunities here, let them help you improve your knowledge and abilities, then give back to your communities. Strengthen the capacity of your Tribes and communities with the mindset that not only should we focus on the future generations; but we must also focus on our generation, and our parents’ generation. They are still around and need us. What is incredible though, is that we are a generation that is exerting and many times reclaiming our sovereignty and having our voices heard. Nation building, or nation re-building is happening all over the United States for Native Peoples. We are taking the greater social well-being we deserve.