Money Management

Money management is something that is very, very important. Many times students are not familiar with how to effectively manage their money. From paying bills to deciding how much to spend on fast food, all financial decisions should be mapped out in order to not get in financial trouble. Student loans are a typical culprit for trouble with students having the ability to get large sums of money, sometimes for the first time in their life. Consider visiting the following site to help organize your expenses and bills.

There are three different free options on the site - 

  1. See all your finances in one place, from money and budgeting to customized tips and more.
  2. All your bills together and paid on time, so you never stress about missing a bill again.
  3. Understand and improve your credit score. Enjoy peace of mind with daily monitoring. It's totally free.

It is highly recommended to take money management seriously. 

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